Our Domain Names

Our domain names are ideal for both large and small companies wishing to have search engine friendly domain names in the world's top domain space.

There is considerable prestige associated with having a good, top level dot com domain name.

Our domains are free of any copyright or trademark issues.

The majority of our domains were first registered between 1997 and 2003, well before the importance of domain names was widely recognised.

Most of our names are designed to say where you are & what you do, or who and where you are.

Many are configured for SEO friendly sub-domaining. A subdomain combines a unique identifier with a domain name to essentially become a "domain within a domain." The unique identifier simply replaces the www in the web address. For example you own the domain and wish to be found for accommodation. This can be achieved by replacing www with accommodation -

A good domain name must enlighten a viewer rather than confusing them. The objective behind a domain name must be clear enough so as to make it a ‘traffic catcher’ or simply an online brand. If you are selling Australian domain names your likely search term would be: Want to buy contact us.

If you have questions about how to use our domain names please contact us.

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